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REBRANDING christmas

At Freeform, the holidays are big. Like span-several-months big. They begin Oct. 1 with 31 Nights of Halloween, and switch gears on Nov. 1 with Kickoff To Christmas then go full speed Dec. 1 with 25 Days Of Christmas.

After rebranding from ABC Family to Freeform, the network was ready to update its most iconic Christmas stunt to take on a new look that was in keeping with the new, fresh brand direction while staying true to the traditions of Christmas that resonate with viewers.


The major challenge in this assignment was defining a look that would both bring 3 separate but related  initiatives (Kickoff To Christmas, 25 Days Of Christmas and Pop-Up Santa) together under a unified visual identity while also allowing them to exist as individual properties.

Kickoff to christmas

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 8.22.41 PM.png


Kickoff to Christmas is a holiday stunt that runs all November in the lead up to  25 Days of Christmas.

In the spirit of anticipation, the Kickoff brand visuals lean on iconography that signal "getting ready for Christmas" like bows and recognizable wrapping paper or holiday sweater patterns. The primary brand palette stays in an icy blue look to evoke a "sweater weather" vibe.

25 Days of christmas

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 8.23.08 PM.png


25 Days of Christmas begins December 1 and runs through Christmas Day.

This brand package takes the iconographic library of Kickoff and unleashes it to include all things Christmas. Wreaths, cookies, candy, reindeer, polar bears, snowmen... The motion language because much more explosive and building while the primary palette takes on more traditionally Christmas tones.

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Promax Silver Holiday Promos


Pop Up Santa

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