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Promax Gold Best In Class Social Good Campaign


At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the world began shutting down, the Freeform Marketing & Creative team mobilized to leverage own marketing channels and put out a positive, light hearted prosocial campaign  urging people to #StayTheFFHome. 


The design team came up with a two-phase  print creative roll out. Phase one (seen here) uses owned or previously bought OOH placements with simple brand messaging.

Phase two was more personal. OOH billboards became thank you letters to first responders, hospital workers, delivery drivers, postal employees... to all those keeping us safe. 

For our 5 x permanent Grove poster placements, we wrote targeted messaging  specific to where they were located.

Outside American Girl: Be a doll and... #StayTheFFHome

Outside the Nike store: Run on home, will ya? #StayTheFFHome

Outside Cheesecake Factory: You can have your cake AND eat it too. #StayTheFFHome

Outside Nordstrom: At least we all look raggedy together. #StayTheFFHome

Facing parking garage: He look! You found a parking space. #StayTheFFHome

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